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I recently began to draw some more stylized characters… trying to shake off my so damn stone made manga style…. (even if I still continue to draw bishounen ‘cause I need them! XD) I wonder what will I draw in the future =^=

I’m recently watching the anime “CarfightVanguard” with someplain plotwist and big event arround that cardgame…. I wasn’t actually that motivated to watch, but a friend of mine insisted somuch, saying there were lots of fujoshi’s material…. and I ended watching all the episodes, spouting bullshit about the story and just enjoying those “declaration of admiration/friendship/love” to eachothers! XD *I’m so weak*

Happy new asian year! We’re now in the Horse’s year! ;3 Hope you won’t catch a cold, be careful everyone! =w=
-This little guy is a cute kitty @shinkamilyn-sakonma drew!- I adopted him and made this cute animation! =w= *because I’m weak…*



many good things have happened, OMOCAT has grown so much, and my life is forever changed :>

here’s a little thank you to all my followers and supporters!


1) FIRST PRIZE: 1 OMOCAT APPAREL in the size of your choice (while supplies last) new items that may be released this following week are also eligible for the prize

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1) reblog the entire post to enter the giveaway! likes do not count gomen ~_~

2) EDIT: you may only reblog once! multiple reblogs apparently don’t work anymore because tumblr’s new system only shows the most recent reblog. also, no giveaway-only blogs! i’ll be checking >:(

3) i will be choosing 3 winners randomly. i will painstakingly copy-paste each blog name in a random generator, and have the generator pick the winners for me

4) the winner will be chosen this weekend on the midnight of DECEMBER 16th. i will be sending out asks to let you know if you’ve won so please make sure your ask is open! if you do not reply within 24 hrs, i will have to choose another winner!!

5) i will provide free shipping! (yes, even international)

good luck!! once again, thank you all and happy holidays!!!!!

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SPARIF - when you have something else to do…

… and you end up doing a thing you’re not supposed to do.

yeah, that’s "SPARIF" [‘cause “SPLARF” would have been quite omnious…]

Well, some times ago, I worked on a fairy tales’s artbook for my fanzine and created some characters based on the story “the Little Prince”

Since I quite liked them, I wanted to draw some fun stories about them, but always postponned it!

(well, y’know, like “I’ll do my homework later”, or “I’ll buy that manga next time” and “I’ll draw it when I’ll have more free time” etc…)

Well, those sentences that you know you won’t make it, but say it just to feel better… THOSE ARE BIG TRAPS!!! =A=

And here I am, super-duper busy with my school’s work, and drawing non-stop those SPARIF’s characters!

All ‘cause I had a though of it one day, like to escape the overwhelming schedule, I began to draw and draw them more, and awfully the most I had draw during the last month! =_=;;;

It seems it won’t end before I do it, so here: I really hope anyone who would come here will enjoy it! =3=

(the 3next page are in progress… *sigh* I feel so weak…)

People are waiting for my drawings… I waited for so long to begin to draw, and what I’m currently drawing doesn’t fit any request… urgh… I’m so useless! TT_TT

But I’m improving my watercolor’s technique! So I hope it won’t be for nothing! °x°

[Characters are: my beitch shota little prince -I created him for my Fanzine’s Artbook, and who had a bishonen harem at his feet- and a random glasses guy… just ‘cause, I kindda like cool looking glasses guys! =w= *weak*]

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